Jorge Laurence

Transforming a Family Business into a Digital Success Story

Our client, Jorge Laurence, stands out in the bespoke furniture industry with their exquisite creations, including premium kitchens, wardrobes, staircases, and unique joinery. With a legacy spanning over 30 years, this family-run business merges traditional craftsmanship with innovative design to elevate any space.

Jorge Laurence

The Right Kitchens & Doors for you.

Project Brief

For Jorge Laurence, a venerable family-run business known for its bespoke furniture, establishing a digital presence was pivotal yet uncharted territory. They approached us with the desire to not only showcase their premium kitchens, wardrobes, staircases, and custom joinery online but also to encapsulate the essence of their brand in a digital format. Our objective was to create a comprehensive online identity that mirrored their craftsmanship and industry excellence, starting from the ground up with brand identity development, including logo design, color palette selection, and font choices, leading to the design and launch of a bespoke website.


The primary challenge was Jorge Laurence’s initial uncertainty about navigating the digital landscape and how to effectively represent their high-quality, custom-made furniture online. With no digital footprint and a rich history to translate into a digital format, the project demanded a strategy that could encapsulate the essence of their craftsmanship and the uniqueness of their products in a way that was both engaging and true to their brand identity.


Our collaboration began with a discovery call, allowing us to delve deep into what Jorge Laurence represents and its vision for the future. Following this, our team embarked on creating a brand identity that resonated with both the legacy and the forward-looking aspirations of the business. This involved designing a distinctive logo, selecting a color palette that reflected the brand’s premium feel, and choosing fonts that complemented their aesthetic. With the brand identity established, we focused on website design, ensuring that it not only showcased their bespoke products beautifully but was also user-friendly and intuitive. Regular meetings with Jorge Laurence were crucial throughout this phase, as their input guided the distribution of services across the website and ensured the layout matched their vision.


The launch of Jorge Laurence’s new website marked a significant milestone in their digital journey. The final product not only beautifully represented their bespoke furniture but also streamlined the user experience, making it easier for customers to explore their offerings. Jorge Laurence was extremely satisfied with our services, appreciating our ability to bring their vision to life online. Post-launch, minor adjustments were made to ensure the website perfectly aligned with their expectations and business needs, resulting in a digital presence that Jorge Laurence is proud to showcase to the world.