Evoke Home

Transforming a Family Business into a Digital Success Story

In the bespoke furniture market, our client Evoke Home is distinguished by their magnificent designs, which include high-end kitchens, wardrobes, staircases, and distinctive woodwork. This family-run firm, which has been in operation for more than 30 years, elevates any room by fusing creative design with traditional workmanship.

Evoke Home

The Right Choice for Furniture

Project Brief

Building a web presence was crucial but unknown for Evoke Home, a storied family-run company renowned for its custom furnishings. They came to us wanting to capture the spirit of their brand in a digital format in addition to showcasing their high-end kitchens, closets, staircases, and custom joinery online. Starting from the ground up with brand identity creation, which includes logo design, color palette selection, and font selections, our goal was to build a comprehensive online identity that complemented their craftsmanship and industry excellence. This process culminated in the design and launch of a unique website.


The main issue was Evoke Home’s early confusion about how to properly display their fine, custom-made furniture online and navigate the internet terrain. The project required a strategy that could capture the essence of their craftsmanship and the distinctiveness of their products in a way that was both engaging and faithful to their brand identity because they had no digital footprint and a rich history to translate into a digital format.


Through a discovery call at the start of our relationship, we were able to learn a great deal about Evoke Home and its future goals. After that, our team started working on developing a brand identity that connected with the company’s history and future goals. This required creating a unique logo, deciding on a color scheme that echoed the brand’s upscale vibe, and selecting fonts that matched their style. After establishing the brand identity, we concentrated on the website design, making sure it was not only aesthetically pleasing but also easy to use and intuitive for their bespoke products. Throughout this phase, it was essential to have regular meetings with Evoke Home since their input determined how services were distributed throughout the website and made sure the layout reflected their vision.


The launch of Evoke Home new website marked a significant milestone in their digital journey. The final product not only beautifully represented their bespoke furniture but also streamlined the user experience, making it easier for customers to explore their offerings. Evoke Home was extremely satisfied with our services, appreciating our ability to bring their vision to life online. Post-launch, minor adjustments were made to ensure the website perfectly aligned with their expectations and business needs, resulting in a digital presence that Evoke Home is proud to showcase to the world.