Energy Suit

About Energy Suit

Our client, Energy Suits are tailored to enhance your home’s energy efficiency, ensuring you have a warmer, cosier home as well as saving money on your bills. Dive in to find out how we can help you cut energy costs while crafting a greener home.

Energy Suit

Project Brief

They moved toward us with the craving to not just exhibit their work home’s energy proficiency, guaranteeing you have a hotter, cozier home as well as getting a good deal on your bills., and custom joinery on the web yet additionally to typify the quintessence of their image in a computerized design. Our goal was to make a thorough web-based personality that reflected their work and industry greatness, beginning starting from the earliest stage with brand character development,and send off of a custom site.


The main challenge for the company is that they have no digital footprint online to show their work for the awarness of the people to live smart and save energy providing comfort for that they reach us to do this work and show there their work online to everyone the project demanded a strategy that could encapsulate the essence of their work and the uniqueness of their products in a way that was both engaging and true to their brand identity.


Our collaboration began with a discovery call, allowing us to delve deep into what Enery Suit represents and its vision for the future. Following this, our team embarked on creating a brand identity that resonated with both the legacy and the forward-looking aspirations of the business. This involved designing a distinctive logo, selecting a color palette that reflected the brand’s premium feel, and choosing fonts that complemented their aesthetic. With the brand identity established, we focused on website design, ensuring that it not only showcased their bespoke products beautifully but was also user-friendly and intuitive. Regular meetings with Jorge Laurence were crucial throughout this phase, as their input guided the distribution of services across the website and ensured the layout matched their vision.


The send off of Energy Suits new site denoted a critical achievement in their computerized venture. The end result wonderfully addressed their customizzation as well as smoothed out the client experience, making it simpler for clients to investigate their contributions. Energy Suits was incredibly happy with our administrations, appreciating our capacity to rejuvenate their vision on the web. Post-send off, minor changes were made to guarantee the site impeccably lined up with their assumptions and business needs, bringing about a computerized presence that Energy Suits is glad to exhibit to the world.