Plus Investments

Transforming Business into a Digital Success Story

They offer multiple services ranging from maintenance to building extensions and refurbishments. There aim is to provide a high standard of work to all our customers. They have experience of working in occupied properties with minimal disruption. They have a large number of satisfied customers in Bradford and surrounding areas and now they want to have a digital presence to show their work.

Plus Investment

Passion, Expeience and Quality

Project Brief

They came to us wanting to capture the spirit of their brand in a digital format in addition to showcasing their qualified and experienced staff. A comprehensive online identity that complemented their work and industry excellence was the goal of this process, which culminated in the design and launch of a unique website along with their social media marketing and SEO. The company was founded with the goal of providing high quality service to their clients.


The primary hindrance was Plus Investment’s lack of familiarity with the digital realm.Since they had no digital footprint and a rich history to translate into a digital format, the project required a strategy that could illustrate their work and the uniqueness of their service in a way that was both engaging and authentic to their brand identity.


In our first discovery call together, Plus Investments’ mission and future objectives were clearly communicated to us. Following that, our group got to work on a brand identity that linked to the company’s past achievements and present objectives. To achieve this, a distinctive logo had to be made, a color scheme that reflected the brand’s premium vibe had to be chosen, and matching fonts had to be chosen. Once the brand identity was established, we focused on the website design, making sure it was not only visually appealing but also user-friendly and intuitive for their custom services. Regular meetings with Plus Investments were crucial throughout this phase since their input determined the distribution of services on the website and ensured that the design mirrored their goals.


The debut of Plus Investments’ new website was a major milestone in their digital journey. It beautifully displays their services, capturing their online vision perfectly. Plus Investments was highly satisfied with our work and appreciated our efforts. After the site went live, we made a few minor tweaks to ensure it met all their requirements and goals.